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     Azad Kashmir


    1. The flourishing rice terraces of Azad Kashmir


     Neelam Valley


    2. The blossoming flowers of Neelam Valley




    3. The colorful plains of Deosai


     Indus River


    4. Spending sunny days by Indus River


     Shangrila Resort


    5. A refreshing holiday at Shangrila Resort



    6. New activities to try in panoramic surroundings




    8. Summer means rain - Clouds ready to burst in Islamabad





    10. The sunset after rain in Karachi


     The apricot season


    11. The apricot season at Hunza Valley


     irrigation canals


    12. Pink skies over the irrigation canals


     river of Chitral


    13. The bubbling river of Chitral


     Phandar Lake


    14. The vivid colors of Phandar Lake


     Surkhail Lake


    15. A new morning at Saiful Muluk




    16. A swampy pond at Haripur



    17. A spot to spend quality time with loved ones



    18. Enjoying a fresh mountain breeze


    forests of Murree


    19. The thriving forests of Murree


    Rawal Lake


    20. Some memeorable adventures with friends



    21. Some more blooms



    22. A tranquil place for a peace of mind


    23. A quiet day out


    Source: https://www.shughal.com/

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